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hi im jinx and its all about my forehead

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Aug 29 2014


white girls in ‘08

unicorns mcr 

  • me: [points at Neptune] biromantic consenting polyamorous asexual
  • fandom: [cries] Neptune is either gay or straight..... yuore wrong....
  • me: [points at Neptune] luv that biromantic consenting polyamorous asexual

hcs rwby TRUE !! 

  •  INTP buys 10 pairs of identical black pants. Leaves store.


you cannot continually perpetuate fat hate and ignore the shit that fat people go through on a daily basis and then expect anyone to feel bad for you because one girl jokingly said “skinny bitches” in a song


Sugar we’re going down

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Jaws (1975), dir. Steven Spielberg

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