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hi im jinx and its all about my forehead

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panic! at the disco; discography {insp}

Sep 15 2014

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fat representation isnt reblogging a picture of a dolled up chubby cis girl. its not praising nicki minaj (shes skinny not fat) for saying fuck you skinny bitches. its accepting and representing all fat people no matter what. i want to see oatmeal skin and rolls and double chins and i want to see fat trans girls and fat nonbinary people. i want to see disabled fat people and i want to see fat people of color and fat people that love themselves and fat people that hate themselves. fat people trying to lose weight fat people that cant lose weight fat people that dont fucking want to lose weight. makeup and no makeup and fancy clothes and hand me downs and messy hair. fat people that arent “cute.” fat people that dont appeal to the media’s current “love your body” marketing trend. because fat representation isnt something for the media to glorify. fat people are real people. i want to see more fat people being people.

this could be us but u playin

ur the boobs one


friend makes a vague post and you’re worried it’s about you cause if it was it’d be true 




never forget when I was waiting for vampire weekend to come on stage and I realized tom delonge from blink 182 was sitting in front of me so I tried to take a picture but the flash went off

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